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Track Design & Construction

Track Design and Construction

H & H takes pride in fully informing our customers of all details about the project. From the initial site investigation for a proposed facility to engineering new tracks, when you work with us you will know exactly what to expect.

H & H Service Areas:

Track design/build, extensions, or redesign for smoother car movement, including drawings and specifications, site investigation and feasibility studies, drainage, grading and turnouts

  • Surveying and construction staking
  • Construction management
  • Yards, ports, unit trains and intermodal facilities
  • Industrial rail spurs
  • Drill tracks for industrial parks
  • Concrete highway grade crossings
  • Other Track Construction Services

Although we specialize in railroad construction and maintenance, we also are experienced and equipped to perform the following:

  • Asphalt paving or concrete flatwork or structures
  • Drainage work including underground pipes and catch basins
  • Retaining walls and loading docks