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Track Rehabilitation

Track Rehabilitation

Over time, ties and rail experience wear and move out of alignment. Outdated or light rail tracks can also require upgrades to accommodate today’s longer and heavier locomotives and rail cars.

H&H has the skills and resources to help today’s customers meet tomorrow’s track performance needs.

Not only do we build track structures to accommodate today’s technology, but we also stay in the forefront of developing track design and component improvement.

Look to H&H for scheduled or emergency track rehabilitation, expansion, and upgrades including:

  • Track removal and reconstruction
  • Rail change out gangs to replace or transpose rail, installation of ribbon or bolted rail, and replacement or tightening of bolts at track joints
  • Tie gangs with production tie change out equipment
  • Surfacing gangs with production tampers and regulators and laser/infrared equipment
  • Reconditioning or replacement of turnouts, switch points, and frogs
  • Crossing rehabilitation
  • Welding and profile grinding of railheads to build up mismatched rail ends
  • Track geometry, load and ultra-sonic rail testing